US conducts surveillance in West Philippine Sea

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A 7-hour surveillance mission was conducted by the US forces over the West Phil Sea last Saturday. The mission was joined by the Pacific Fleet chief Admiral Scott Swift, on-board a P-8A Poseidon plane, this according to the US Pacific Fleet Website.

The participation of Swift allowed him to witness first-hand the full range capabilities of the P8-A Poseidon. A day before the mission was conducted, Admiral Swift assured US Allies, including the Philippines, that the American forces are prepared to respond to any contingency in the South China Sea.

Vice Admiral Alexander Lopez, Chief of the Phil Armed Forces Western Command, with responsibilities that include the Philippine territories in the disputed Spratlys chain, said there is nothing wrong with the surveillance mission because it was conducted over international waters. Adding that “only the Chinese claim that these area are theirs”.

China is claiming virtually the entire South China Sea while the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan have overlapping claims.

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