BREAKING NEWS: Ongoing Hostage Situation at Pasay City

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PASAY City – Three adults and five minors were being held hostage by a gun-wielding man in Pasay City Wednesday morning.

A official of Barangay 132 Magtibay St., Pasay City identified the hostage taker as Christopher Magsusay, 56.

A resident said Magsusay was armed with a gun while holding five minors and three adults in a house along Canoy Street. Earlier radio reports mentioned only six hostages.

Authorities said the incident started early Wednesday at about 4 a.m.

The hostage taker was from Imus, Cavite, and was renting a room at the house where the victims lived. Magsusay’s wife, who shares the rented a room, sells corn at a nearby public elementary school.

Pasay City police and special weapons and tactics teams have responded to the scene.

Authorities have yet to determine what prompted Magsusay to take hostages.

Negotiations for the release of the hostages are ongoing as of this writing.

Courtesy of Philippine Daily Inquirer

For real-time updates, please follow Philippine Daily Inquirer reporter, Dennis Maliwanag



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